• Kinsey W. Holley is a romance author from Houston, Texas who desperately needs a catchy tagline and can't come up with one. Won't you help?
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The Smart Bitches Like It!

Sarah reviewed Kiss and Kin.  She gave it a C- which, at first, scared the heck out of me and made me really, really not want to read the review (even tho I swore, when I submitted it, that I could handle whatever she dished out), but then – hey, it’ s actually a positive review.  And then I remembered – oh yeah.  A C- from Sarah is a B+ from anyone else.  I’ll take it.

Last graf reads:

Holley’s novella is a clever take on a lot of the tired shapeshifter world tropes, and after reading this one I am going to do my bitchy darndest to remember her name and her world because I’d be happy to revisit to see if longer stories, particularly those of Lark’s best friend TJ, develop the emotional and sexual tension concurrently and sustain both through their resolution.

Whole thing here.

You know those people who go skydiving or walk over hot coals to help themselves conquer their fears and insecurities?    Pfft.

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