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Aug 04


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Have you ever inadvertently avoided a disaster you didn’t even know was looming? And then, once you realized — Whew! — that you’re ok, you couldn’t stop thinking about how absolutely HORRIBLE it would have been if said disaster had actually happened? And in fact you can’t stop thinking about it, giving yourself goosebumps, just like …

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Sep 18

My Hero Just Realized The Heroine’s Hair Looks Just Like Sebastian Bach’s


Young Sebastian, of course. SO happy that happened because when the Samhain art department asks for ideas about what the hero and heroine look like, I’ll send them this and say “make her look girlier.” NOTE TO THE YOUNGSTERS: He did not look girly. It was the 80s. You’ll just have to take my word …

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Jul 12

Some Truthiness For Your Weekend

A well read woman

Apr 24

Good morning! Have a Little Wednesday in Your Thursday

Have a little Wednesday in your Thursday

Feb 05

An Extremely Simple Word Count Spreadsheet

I’ve been looking at word count spreadsheets prepared by Excel-proficient writers, and while I’ve been impressed with them, I’ve always been intimidated. They have bells and whistles that would probably be useful if I managed to learn how to work them, or else they have all these formulas nested in formulas and I can’t figure …

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Sep 16



Especially No. 1, which has been my procrastination tactic since way before I was a high school student. It’s weird, considering my OCD. I’m compulsive, but in no particular hurry to do anything about it. But seriously, y’all – I write so much more easily when my house is clean and my life organized. Which …

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Dec 20

Forgive me, John Ronald Reuel

"And I've got WAY better hair than the Heir of Isildur!"

As I mentioned on Twitter the other day, I could still, even before going to see The Hobbit on Saturday and not having read the book in more than 20 years, name every dwarf. This isn’t bragging; this is confessing. I’m a big ol geek. When I first read that Richard Armitage had been cast …

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Nov 18

Happy Birthday to the Diva

That's my late Daddy, in the white gimme cap on the far right. And that Marietta, my BFF of 30+ years, with the red hair and green sweater in the front.

I completely forgot to post this – but on Wednesday my Diva turned 11. I got all emo on Facebook recalling the dramatic, bloody, awful circumstances of her birth which, honestly, I remember with a kind of fondness because I was on Demerol and various other drugs (Dr. B called it Milk of Amnesia) for …

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Sep 24

Progress Report

Me, more often than I should admit

[NOTE: I’ve edited this post – I decided it was too busy and hard to read with all the excerpts, so I saved them into snippets – just click on the links and the Word docs will open.] [Also – I’m tinkering with the blog. It’s going to look funky until I get finished with …

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Sep 23


Crap. I hate this. Still working on the networking thing.

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