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Jan 23



Dec 09


Izzy black and smoking hot

Just plotting right now. Nick’s an asshole. No matter what I write, he still ends up being an asshole. TJ can totally handle it, but it’s gonna take a while for her to fix him. Also, I don’t know if I’ve written this out loud before, but I’ve decided to quit second guessing my plotting …

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Aug 24


If any of you take meds for ADD, I’d love to hear about it. What you take, how it makes you feel, etc. Please share.

Jul 25

It’s Hard to Type When You Have Staples in Your Stomach


I thought I had a belly button hernia. (Technically, an umbilical hernia, but I like belly button hernia better.) One of my doctors  said I didn’t have to do anything about it unless it got bigger or started to really hurt. The week we were supposed to leave for a few days’ vacation in New …

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Jul 16

Update: One of the Buildings is Methodist Hospital

My rooms view st. luke's

I figured this out because….it says Methodist in big lit up letters at the top of the building and I hadn’t noticed. (Hey. I’ve been on drugs.) I think the blue lights on the building next door must have something to do with the Life Flight helicopters. Anyway. Pretty view.

Jul 16

My Pain Pump Sounds Like a Dalek

I’m in the hospital. Came in Monday for what was supposed to be a hernia repair, 30 minute surgery at the most. Doctor opened me up and it turns out I didn’t have a hernia at all. My 12.5 year old sutures (WTF??????) were irritating my intestines and making inappropriate holes and I didn’t want …

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Mar 22

My New Favorite Image

Book Club

This is my new Twitter avi. I’m going to print it out and put it on my wall at work. I might make it my background picture on my phone. It’s how I’ll reply from now on to anyone who says “Oh, I don’t read romance. I mean, it’s just too [silly/ridiculous/trashy] for me. I …

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Feb 15

Appropos Of Nothing…

Caddo Lake

The Houston Chronicle ran an article a few days ago on Texas Highways’ readers’ top picks for Texas getaways. And there at No. 37 is Caddo Lake State Park. Caddo is Texas’ only  natural lake (all the others are manmade.)  I’ve always wanted to visit there–Caddo is more swamp than lake. I love swamps and …

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Feb 08

Don’t know why but I just love this and can’t stop giggling

If you're happy

Dec 29

Orgasmic Wombs and the Penises That Poke Them

Frenzy of Exultations (1894), by Władysław Podkowiński (pulled this image directly from the Wikipedia entry on orgasm. Not sure what the deal with the horse is but I like the picture)

Has anyone else noticed the way wombs have been featured in the sex scenes of romance novels lately, especially the historical ones? I don’t read as much romance as you’d expect a romance novelist to do (the bad ones fill me with angst and self-pity about not selling more books, and the good ones fill …

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