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Mar 22

My New Favorite Image

Book Club

This is my new Twitter avi. I’m going to print it out and put it on my wall at work. I might make it my background picture on my phone. It’s how I’ll reply from now on to anyone who says “Oh, I don’t read romance. I mean, it’s just too [silly/ridiculous/trashy] for me. I …

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Feb 15

Appropos Of Nothing…

Caddo Lake

The Houston Chronicle ran an article a few days ago on Texas Highways’ readers’ top picks for Texas getaways. And there at No. 37 is Caddo Lake State Park. Caddo is Texas’ only  natural lake (all the others are manmade.)  I’ve always wanted to visit there–Caddo is more swamp than lake. I love swamps and …

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Jan 25

I Want to Read Real People and I Want to Write Real People

Ruthie Knox recently wrote a fabulous post about her frustration with editors who insist they know what readers do or do not want in romance novels. A lot of editors seem to think that what romance readers definitely do not want is anything too close to real life: We romance writers … get these edits …

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Jan 08

Marco Polo and a Very Late, Very Short, Christmas Story Starring the MacDougalls

Tomorrow I’m participating in Marco Polo Day, organized by the lovely and talented Voirey Linger.  Go to her site and see the authors who’ll be participating, follow them on Twitter tomorrow, and when one of them tweets “Marco!” you @ them with “Polo.” If you’re the first, you win a book. I don’t think anyone …

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Dec 29

Orgasmic Wombs and the Penises That Poke Them

Frenzy of Exultations (1894), by Władysław Podkowiński (pulled this image directly from the Wikipedia entry on orgasm. Not sure what the deal with the horse is but I like the picture)

Has anyone else noticed the way wombs have been featured in the sex scenes of romance novels lately, especially the historical ones? I don’t read as much romance as you’d expect a romance novelist to do (the bad ones fill me with angst and self-pity about not selling more books, and the good ones fill …

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Nov 02


I’ve just figured out how to introduce a very important secondary character and secondary plot into Nick & TJ’s book. It fits into the timeline and eliminates the need for a whole lot of backstory in the book that will come after Nick and TJ’s. Was talking to the sister last night about life and …

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Sep 18

Bad Boyfriends and Why I Can Suddenly Write Again


Five years ago I was a size 6-8. Two years ago, a 10-12. Today, 14-16. And for a while there, the 16 was tight. I’m finally starting to lose again, because I’m finally “in the zone,” that head space you have to achieve before you can make the lifestyle choices necessary for losing weight. I’ll be …

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Aug 10

Aisha Tyler’s New Book Has a Lot of Good Insights for Writers (and Normal People, Too)


If you watch Archer, then you might know Aisha Tyler plays Lana Kane, badass ISIS operative. If you don’t watch Archer, then you’re missing one of the funniest and most clever TV shows ever. (Seriously. Ever. Here — read this.  And this. And if you want to get all high brow and la di da criticy, this.) …

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Aug 03

I told you I was writing again. Look, here’s proof

He was about to say something sarcastic, something glib, like “that’ll teach you to tease me,” or some stupid shit like that, but he found he couldn’t speak. Unusually for him, he really wanted to. He longed to say something—anything—to dispel the sudden tightness in his throat, this almost irresistible urge to lay his head …

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Mar 21


(previously posted on Honest to God, that’s going to be in the dedication of the Galveston steampunk I’m still working on.   Thanks to Google and a host of other sites, I’ve been able to find all the info I need to construct an alternate history of the Spanish discovery and colonization of Galveston …

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