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Dec 01


No matter where you’re going, half the trip is just getting out of L.A. The 101 was packed at all times, day and night, and so was the 210. It wasn’t until Pasadena that the traffic let up, and not until they dropped down to I-10 that Twist could finally open the throttle. Then they …

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May 06

Vulvas and Yes I’m Writing

I was disappointed in this post (Read This If You Have a Vulva) – really all it says is, possessing female plumbing makes you very susceptible to UTIs but everyone in possession of female plumbing already knows that, even if they’ve never experienced a UTI themselves. Funny story (well, I think it is) – there …

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Feb 19

On The Road

I’m currently in Grapevine, Texas, at Great Wolf Lodge. Sharing a hotel room (note: not a suite) with two 13YO girls. It’s okay – they’re off on their own most of the day, and I have wine and noise canceling headphones for when they’re in the room. And I’m writing. The Endless Scene is about …

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Jan 22

I Need to Talk to a Young(ish) Female Working Musician

In pop music – rock/pop/indie/country/I don’t care as long as it’s not classical or jazz, and that’s only because I don’t think the same dynamics would apply (although I could be wrong). I was thinking – I’ve got this musician heroine who works as a touring and studio player, and she’s got certain views and …

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Jan 19

I Gotta Say Something

Werewolf gator

First of all, I love y’all. All of you who take the time to email and comment and tell me you liked my books, and those who email and comment to ask when the hell am I going to publish another one, and even those who email me to say “I’m done waiting for another …

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Jan 01

HAPPPPPPpy New Year!

novel won't write itself

Goodbye and good riddance 2014, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Hello 2015, I have a good feeling about you! I didn’t finish the rock star contemporary by the end of the year as I’d hoped. I was doing really well til I ran into the abdominal surgery in July. I’m …

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Nov 29


No Sebastian Bach references. The 80s are sacred to me but I do have to allow for readers who are younger and older and, honestly, I think mentioning too many brands or bands from specific eras can date a book very quickly. But still. The heroine has phenomenal hair.

Sep 17

Just Write The Story You Want To Write

So I’m writing the rock star story but I’m also plotting Nick and TJ. (I am terrified. Have I told y’all I’m terrified? Because I am. Terrified.) And I have a pretty good idea of the plot but there are things I’m thinking of that cause me to second guess myself — “Oh I can’t …

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Sep 04


Darling minion

Just ran across this in Tumblr: I love me some Minions. My phone case is a Minion and I have several Minion tshirts, my favorite being this one: I’ve been thinking about Nick and TJ recently and I was up late last night doing plot notes. So when I saw this GIF today I suddenly …

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Aug 31

If You’ve Been a Beta Reader, And Even If You Haven’t, You Might Like This

My buddy Robin Rotham wrote this poem in December 2012 and I’d never seen it. She tweeted about it tonight when some people were talking about losing documents or big chunks of manuscript. The Night Before Deadline ’Twas the night before deadline, when all through the land, Not a muscle was stirring but those in …

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