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Aug 24

Hi. I Need Help. From My Readers. If I Have Any Left.

Ok, yes, it’s been 3 years since I had a release. Yes, I had a very bad block — it’s over. But I also have ADD and that will never get better. Unless I get drugs, which I don’t want to do. But I am writing. I’ve decided to stop kicking myself and imagining all …

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May 21

I Know Something Y’all Don’t Know

Some of it’s stuff that I’ve known a while, and some of it’s stuff I only just figured out. (A six hour drive back from New Orleans with PG Forte produced a lot of it.) To wit: 1. I know what happened to El, and you would be shocked at how smart and resourceful that flighty …

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Mar 30

All About #MyWritingProcess – The Blog Tour

Thanks to Kate Davies for inviting me to join her on this writing process blog tour!   NOTE: OMG y’all!  I’m writing this on Sunday night (naturally, because it has to go up on Monday), and we’re watching Supernatural. The episode is “The Monster At The End of This Book” and it’s where they first …

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Feb 05

I Improved the Extremely Simple Word Count Spreadsheet

Actual to Goal Word Count Spreadsheet The spreadsheet above tracks your actual word count against your daily/monthly/yearly goal. Row 71 (Goal) calculates the daily word count target for each month – the value in each of these cells is 750, because that’s my minimum target every day. Plug your own goal number into row 71. …

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Jan 25

I Want to Read Real People and I Want to Write Real People

Ruthie Knox recently wrote a fabulous post about her frustration with editors who insist they know what readers do or do not want in romance novels. A lot of editors seem to think that what romance readers definitely do not want is anything too close to real life: We romance writers … get these edits …

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Jan 10

A snippet from the current WIP….

On her way upstairs to dress she ran into Sabine. “Morning!” “Ugh. Coffee?” “Yep. I made some. You looked tired.” “Played pool with Dusty til three. There was wine.” Sabine yawned. “I think I’m gonna get a wax and mani-pedi today. Wanna come? “No thanks. I’m going into the studio with Miguel.” “Oh. You know …

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Dec 29

Orgasmic Wombs and the Penises That Poke Them

Frenzy of Exultations (1894), by Władysław Podkowiński (pulled this image directly from the Wikipedia entry on orgasm. Not sure what the deal with the horse is but I like the picture)

Has anyone else noticed the way wombs have been featured in the sex scenes of romance novels lately, especially the historical ones? I don’t read as much romance as you’d expect a romance novelist to do (the bad ones fill me with angst and self-pity about not selling more books, and the good ones fill …

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Oct 12


Anyone remember Northern Exposure? One of my favorite episodes was when they were waiting for the ice to break. It was the signal of winter ending and spring coming into sight, and everyone was tense and grumpy with anticipation. It wasn’t something most people articulated, just a tense buzz running through the town and infecting …

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Aug 03

I told you I was writing again. Look, here’s proof

He was about to say something sarcastic, something glib, like “that’ll teach you to tease me,” or some stupid shit like that, but he found he couldn’t speak. Unusually for him, he really wanted to. He longed to say something—anything—to dispel the sudden tightness in his throat, this almost irresistible urge to lay his head …

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Apr 19

If you need to make QR stickers for RT, here’s how I did it….

Snap 2013-04-04 at 19.06.19

Get Avery print-to-the-edge square labels no. 22816. You can search for “22816,” download a blank template, and follow the instructions. HOWEVER, I DIDN’T DO THIS because it requires allowing the toolbar crap to access your hard drive and I think the toolbar is a thing of Satan. I swear it screws with all …

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