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Mar 21


(previously posted on Honest to God, that’s going to be in the dedication of the Galveston steampunk I’m still working on.   Thanks to Google and a host of other sites, I’ve been able to find all the info I need to construct an alternate history of the Spanish discovery and colonization of Galveston …

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Mar 16

Southern Rock and Saturday Mornings

One of my earliest memories of underage drinking–of which I did a bit, due at least in part to the fact that we lived across the lake from New Orleans–is of waking up with my first massive, throbbing hangover at my friend Lee’s house. We’d stayed up the night before drinking…something. I don’t remember what, …

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Mar 13

Sorry, Seth….Nick’s Up Next

So I got this comment from a reader last week — you can read it, and my reply, here. Basically she said, I love your books but I’m tired of waiting for the next one, so hasta and good luck. I replied and said, basically, I can’t blame you. I totally understand (and share) your …

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Jan 08

Things I did today (after I got home from work)

Yelled at the dogs to get out of my face and let me eat my snack in piece. Yelled at Diva to finish her math. Listened to Diva recite what she’s memorized so far of Longfellow’s Village Blacksmith. Watched Hubby finish an all day plumbing repair job in the kitchen, and ruminated upon how much …

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Nov 26

Writing a Series is Like Being Married

When you’ve been married a while, no matter how much you love your spouse and the family you’ve created, no matter that you have no intention of leaving or straying…you go through periods of boredom. And periods of irritation, and periods of deep, seething resentment, periods where you think stuff like, “If he tells me …

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Nov 25

THIS is why I write so damned slowly

My heroine is 25 and Dublin-born. I’ve become obsessed with making sure that the name I want to give her was actually popular in the late 80s and not some recent fad. I can’t get stats for anything earlier than 1998. This is so stupid. I ought to just call her Kathleen and GTFOI.

Nov 12

The Really Weird Notes You Get From Your Editor When You Write Romantic Smut

Kelly Jamieson is so lucky. She writes really hot, nasty (but sweet!) romance with whips and chains and buttsecks and all kinds of smut, so the notes she gets from her editor are WAY more interesting than the ones I get. My editor, Marvelous Mary, has given me notes like “make this hotter, but not …

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