Jan 02

Welcome, 2012

Hey everybody — hope y’all had a happy, stress-free holiday and are looking forward to 2012. I would say it’s got to be better than 2011 but we all know that no matter how bad things may have sucked, they can always get worse.

I’ve decided to post my writing resolutions for the New Year in the hopes that putting them down in pixels for everyone to see will help me keep them. The only thing preventing me from writing more, and faster, is discipline. Maybe this will help me become more disciplined.

I resolve to self-publish my steampunk, tentatively titled Violet and Vanadium, in the first half of the year.

I will submit Seth’s story, tentatively titled Bayou Howl, to my editor by April 1. (She’s gonna hate the title.)

I’ll have Michael’s story completed, at least in first draft, by Christmas.

And I’ll have Nick and TJ’s book completely storyboarded by the end of the year.

This is ambitious. I’ve never produced that much in one year, which is pathetic.  But I need to step up my game and I hope that one way of doing that is to set some deadlines and keep them.

If you have any resolutions that you’d care to share — especially resolutions that pertain to things you’ve been hoping to do, or hoping to stop doing, for a long time — leave them in a comment.

Ok, I’m actually getting some writing done this evening, so I’m going back to it. Happy New Year!



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  1. Mike Riggs

    I’ve been bingeing on writing resolutions, and am glad to see you made a couple (of big ones). I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll be tweeting less? Regardless, good luck!

  2. KinseyHolley

    Oh hell no. Tweeting less would be like talking less and I can’t do that, either…

  3. cammierae

    My resolution for 2012? To read everything you publish as soon as I can! love your stuff. I haven’t re-read a book for 25 years (too many new things to read) but last night, having finished the Nanny Years prequel, I went back and reread Yours Mine and Howls. I love that you’re planning to be so ambitious. keep it coming!

  4. KinseyHolley

    That’s so sweet! Makes me me feel guilty for sewing all weekend and not writing. But i’m writing right now – promise!

  5. Kristina

    I selfishly hope that you get going on Nick and TJ’s story… No pressure or anything. 😉 Love the characters that you’ve created!

  6. KinseyHolley

    Kristina: I’m starting to plot it out, I promise! And I’m trying to finish Seth’s books as fast as I can. I think I might bump Nick and TJ up and do theirs as soon as I’m done with Seth…

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