Jan 08

Marco Polo and a Very Late, Very Short, Christmas Story Starring the MacDougalls

Tomorrow I’m participating in Marco Polo Day, organized by the lovely and talented Voirey Linger.  Go to her site and see the authors who’ll be participating, follow them on Twitter tomorrow, and when one of them tweets “Marco!” you @ them with “Polo.” If you’re the first, you win a book.

I don’t think anyone but my readers visit this blog and y’all probably have my books, but there are a lot of other great authors taking part in this and it sounds like fun.

Secondly – and y’all are gonna think I’m a ditz for not doing this at, like, Christmas, and you’d be right – back at Christmas the Nine Naughty Novelists all wrote short Christmas stories involving existing characters. Mine’s entitled I’ll Be Home For Christmas (And I Wish All These People In My House Were Too) takes place on the afternoon of Ally’s second Christmas with her new family and pack. Check it out if you want a glimpse of Cade & Ally’s happily ever after.

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