Feb 05

I Improved the Extremely Simple Word Count Spreadsheet

Actual to Goal Word Count Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet above tracks your actual word count against your daily/monthly/yearly goal.

Row 71 (Goal) calculates the daily word count target for each month – the value in each of these cells is 750, because that’s my minimum target every day. Plug your own goal number into row 71. If you’re unfamiliar with Excel, just click on each cell (A-N) of Row 71 and, in the formula space at the top of the spreadsheet, replace 750 with your number.

If you know how to copy and paste formula, then you only have to plug the number into February once; plug into January and then copy to March, May, July, August, October and December; and plug into April and then copy over to June, September, November.

Enter your actual word count for each day. At the end of the month, the numbers you’ve entered will be totaled in row 72, and row 73 will show the under/over.  If the word count is under, the number will be in a red font to provide that extra boost of shame and judgment that we all depend on. If you’ve exceeded your goal for the month, the cell is bathed in a lovely light pink. (You’ll have to trust me about the pink because I haven’t started using this yet. Or just plug a number greater than your monthly goal and gaze at the positive pink.)

I’ve thought about doing a separate sheet for different word count targets on different days – like, if you take Sunday off or you give yourself a lower target on Friday. It might require a calendar showing actual days of the week.  I bet sombody’s already done it.But on the other hand it would be an awesome procrastination tool.

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