Mar 10

I Need Some Feedback

Six of the Nine Naughty Novelists will be at RT in May and we’re doing a panel on group blogs; at least, that’s the original idea of the panel. That’s what we talked about last year. This year, though, we’re thinking we might need to readjust the focus because, from what we can see, Facebook is drawing more and more traffic away from blogs, at least romance blogs.

I think news and political blogs are just as popular as ever, but for bands and authors and other artsy type stuff, Facebook seems to be — or seems to be becoming — the preferred mode for fan interaction, while websites are for information– tour dates, books, bio, etc.

Do y’all see this happening too? How do you feel about it? I’ve always said I hate Facebook – and I do¬† – and that I’m on it because I have to be – which I do. Now I’m thinking I need to devote more time to it – post every day, solicit interaction. I really think I’d be better on Facebook than blogging because I always feel like a blog post has to be “about” something, has to have a beginning and a conclusion, while Facebook can be hit and run type observations or stream of consciousness, which is better suited to my ADD anyway.

And comments or ideas are welcome. Also, if you haven’t liked me on Facebook yet – why not??? Come on–it’s easy!

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  1. Crystal @ Redheads

    Personally, having a blog myself, I’ve seen a drop in comments. It takes time to comment and some of the content is repetitive. But at the same time, for reviews, it’s nice to read other’s reviews. And I am on FB a lot on my personal page but of course FB has decided to limit the reach of my post views on my blog fan page which is very frustrating.

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