Jul 16

My Pain Pump Sounds Like a Dalek

I’m in the hospital. Came in Monday for what was supposed to be a hernia repair, 30 minute surgery at the most. Doctor opened me up and it turns out I didn’t have a hernia at all. My 12.5 year old sutures (WTF??????) were irritating my intestines and making inappropriate holes and I didn’t want a graphic explanation because it all kind of freaked me out. Just glad I decided to see a doctor about the “hernia” before we went to New Braunfels for 4 days – I could’ve gotten really sick.

Hoping to go home tomorrow, but at least today I got a shower, washed my hair, put on a Tshirt and sweatpants. I keep trying to write but I can’t think clearly. I mean, I can type stuff like this, but I’m a little fuzzy from the painkillers and it’s hard to do narrative and dialogue like that.

The painkillers are in IV form, with a pump. When I press the pump, the machine makes a noise as it dispenses shots of the medicine – the noise sounds exactly like a Dalek turning/whirling around.

Also, while the daytime view from my window is blah, the nighttime view is cool. I’m in St. Luke’s but have no idea on which side of the building my room is – I’m poring over Google maps to identify the 3 buildings outside my window – at night, two of the buildings have white lights around the top, and the 3rd one has green lights – like no one took the Christmas lights down. When it’s dark and the stars are showing and the buildings have their lights on, it’s really pretty.

Having a terrible premonition that I won’t be released tomorrow. So tomorrow, I’m writing, no matter what. Maybe I’ll tackle the Jeep sex scene – could be really interesting/funny/horrifying to see how it goes while I’m on these great drugs.

TV choices are very limited. Think I’m going to watch the first episode of The Almighty Johnsons – a new SyFy show I recently saw ads for – no idea what it’s about.

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