Aug 24


If any of you take meds for ADD, I’d love to hear about it. What you take, how it makes you feel, etc. Please share.


  1. april renee

    I suffer from ADD and my son has ADHD. he used to take Concerta. I used to take Ritalin. Ritalin never worked for me. What used to help me was being in a quiet room, or putting headphones on and getting in a “happy place ” to focus to work. It is the same today for the job I do. I can work great but if there is TONS of distractions, my mind wanders and I have to immediately get my headphones out and get on either a podcast or some music to get me settled. My son it seems, is the same. He is all over the place. He hated being medicated. He felt the meds he was on before Concerta, called Metadate- really messed with his moods and made him feel very out of control and made him want to hurt …what he didnt know but he didnt like how he felt. I finally was able to convince his ped dr to get him off that med and I got him switched to Concerta. He took that med from mid 08-july 2012. he begged me to see how he did off the meds…he seemed to be better off the meds-not to say he still didnt have some probs but overall, MUCH improved. Since then he has been medically off ADHD meds since then.

    So just saying, there are things i have found to use to center ourselves to focus without using drugs. For me, it didnt work and for my son-he didnt like how it made him feel in life -it either made him feel totally out of control or just not into life. I am **NOT ** advocating for you to not look into seeing someone about meds for ADD.. There are some new meds out there. Talk to your DR and see what she/he say about it. My primary care DR -always checks to see if i am interested in revisiting ADD trial meds. As of now I think I am ok on my what works plan.

    Anyway, hope what I have said helps. I do know the name of some meds out there for adults. If interested, I can pass those names to you and you can check with your dr and see what she/he say about it. 🙂

  2. KinseyHolley

    Thanks April – I appreciate the insight. Diva’s on Concerta. She used to be on Focalin but she didn’t like the way it gave her the shakes in the morning – she says Concerta doesn’t have any negative effects. She started in third grade and it made a difference immediately. And she’s consistently Deans List or Honors each marking period so she doesn’t want to stop taking it.

    My nephew – who is SO much like Diva – is on a brand new drug, after not taking anything for a couple years. He asked my sister to please let him get back on a med because he’s really struggling with seventh grade. Diva nd her cousin go to the same dr. and I’m going to ask about the new med next week.

    And I’m going to see a new dr in a couple weeks to talk about it. I’m open to the idea of meds – if it’s safe with my existing meds – but I suspect I can’t start any new drugs til my stomach gets sorted. Two months after surgery and I’m still in severe – altho intermittent – pain.

  3. Monique

    I am on an ADD med called Vyvanse. I is made so there is no “high” unlike some of the other more immediate release meds. It is supposed to last about 9 hours. I tried concerta and adderall. The concerta did nothing for me the adderall was good but I needed the XR so that it lasted for more of the day. I only take the vyvanse on days where I have to work. That sometimes means I am more tired on days where I do not take it but taking “holidays” keeps the drug more effective at lower doses. There are non-stimulant options such as strattera and clonidine. It just depends on the meds you are on now and what direction you want to go. All of these meds are very subjective as everybody’s body chemistry is different. All the “psych” meds are sort of trial and error unfortunately. I am actually a pharmacist so if you have any questions just email me (I had to type it in above?). I did not find out I had ADD till after I finished school so all of my experiences have been as an adult.

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