Sep 17

Just Write The Story You Want To Write

So I’m writing the rock star story but I’m also plotting Nick and TJ. (I am terrified. Have I told y’all I’m terrified? Because I am. Terrified.)

And I have a pretty good idea of the plot but there are things I’m thinking of that cause me to second guess myself — “Oh I can’t do this. That’s too much.” “Whoa. Too many characters.” “Really? It’s all going to be connected like that? Can I do that?”

And finally I thought – screw it. I have to write it the way I want to tell it. Everyone says that all the time, but you don’t really think about what it means til you get to a book that makes you question everything you’re thinking.

Just to be safe, though, I’m bombarding Vickie with plot notes.

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  1. Moriah Jovan

    You get used to it after a while and then one day you’ll wake up thinking you *are* mainstream (whether you really are or not).

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