Feb 19

On The Road

I’m currently in Grapevine, Texas, at Great Wolf Lodge. Sharing a hotel room (note: not a suite) with two 13YO girls. It’s okay – they’re off on their own most of the day, and I have wine and noise canceling headphones for when they’re in the room.

And I’m writing. The Endless Scene is about to end – although it’s a very long scene. Lots of talking around a kitchen table but hey, that kind of stuff happens, right?

Diva and her BFF (I hope she’s the BFF because I’ve adored this kid since Diva met her in kindergarten, and I hope they remain friends forever) have already blown through 100 bucks (each!!) and this was our first full day. GWL is a money suck, but the Magic Quest is the biggest cash suck of all. I told them they need to spend a LOT of time in the water (it’s an indoor water park) on Friday and Saturday. And apparently the quest thing isn’t expensive once you’ve bought all the crap up front. So now they’re running around outside (we’re on the first floor), and I’m hoping no one from the hotel decides they’re being insufficiently supervised. (I can hear them. And I haven’t had that much wine. Yet.)

Did I mention I’m writing? The Endless Scene doesn’t suck. It’s not endless, of course, just long. Trying to convince myself it’s not all exposition disguised as dialog. I don’t think it is – I think it rings true. I’m resolved to Just Keep Writing and Let The Editor Tell Me If It Sucks.


“Do you normally have an appetite?” he asked her.

“Oh yeah. I like food.”

“Me too. Most women in LA, they don’t eat. And it feels weird to go out to dinner with someone who’s not eating.”

“It always makes me think they’re on drugs,” Ronnie said.

“Most of them are,” agreed Sharon, who’d quit modeling because she liked to eat. He remembered her saying she’d gone to work for Dix because she was tired of starving, and of the hours and the stress and the sleaze and the travel. And when Twist had pointed out that she was constantly traveling with a very sleazy bunch, working long hours under constant stress, she’d replied yeah, but at least now she could eat.

“Out of all the crazy women I’ve ever known–”

“And Twist has known a lot of crazy women,” said Mig.

“–not one of them was a normal eater. My ex-wife lived on lettuce and carrots and sunflower seeds. One time I asked her why we weren’t fucking like bunny rabbits, since she was basically a fucking bunny rabbit.”

They all laughed.

“See, she didn’t think that was funny.”

“Hungry people have no sense of humor,” said Ronnie.

“Y’know, I remember Michelle’s nose twitched a lot,” mused Miguel.

“That was the Adderall.”



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  1. Tami

    The scene sounds like it will be great. The portion given is pretty darn funny and I can’t wait to read more when the book comes out!


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