May 06

Vulvas and Yes I’m Writing

I was disappointed in this post (Read This If You Have a Vulva) – really all it says is, possessing female plumbing makes you very susceptible to UTIs but everyone in possession of female plumbing already knows that, even if they’ve never experienced a UTI themselves.

Funny story (well, I think it is) – there are many, many weird coincidences surrounding Hub and I getting together–one of them is that our families had the same family doctor for many years. Doc White treated both of Hub’s grandmothers, and then Hub and his sister when they outgrew the pediatrician. He treated me and my sister since we teenagers and my mom before that. He was quite tickled when Hub and I told got together.

I’ve had bladder and kidney problems all my life, including hospital stays, and when I was young I could sneeze and get a UTI. And whenever I started having regular sex after a prolonged dry (so to speak) spell I’d get one. For some reason I never got one in the 3 years Hub and I dated, but a couple months after getting married I got whomped by a doozy of one.

So I go to Doc White (instead of my urologist for some reason – don’t know why) and he prescribes me this awesome medicine that you take before you have sex – don’t remember if there’s a specific time window. I could tell that he was embarrassed about the whole thing, which was weird as he’d treated my UTIs and kidney infections before – but he got really red when he explained that he frequently prescribed this med to newly married women. Then he explained that there was a limit to the amount of the medication you could take in a 24 hour period – “so just remember that (awkward guffaw, awkward guffaw.)”

I reminded him that Hub was 34, not 24, so all day sexxin’ wasn’t on the menu all that often, and then I felt terrible because he blushed even harder.

Sweet, sweet man and a hell of a diagnostician who kept admirably up to date on all kinds of medical areas – he knew about the studies indicating ulcers were the result of a bacteria, and not stress or diet, long before other doctors were talking about it.

Yes, I’m still writing.

They made it to Tonopah before she had to pee. Twist was impressed. And no, she was not surprised that her crush on this guy was so ridiculous that his praise of her bladder control filled her with a warm, golden glow. She wasn’t even appalled. Mostly she was exasperated, and ready for the crush to be over. All crushes end organically. Maybe there was there a way to inorganically truncate the natural life of a crush?

If she had the nerve, she’d ask Sharon. Sharon wouldn’t let a crush get this bad. Sharon would either get the guy, or get over him.


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