Sep 25

Nonfiction creativity

Seems like a lot of writers are also crafters. This makes sense, I guess, since the creative urge can follow more than one outlet (although I know awesomely gifted crafters who don’t write, and vice versa.) I started thinking about it after A. Catherine Noon interviewed me for her crafting blog.

I like doing various crafts but I don’t do them on a consistent basis. Instead, I get these weird bursts of craftosity, if you will. I’ve always had a tendency to throw myself into one activity or another; I spend a lot of time and effort –and, often, money — on it until I get bored or tired or something else demands my attention.

Writing is different. Writing is the one thing I feel fairly certain other people will enjoy and look at and say, “Hey! That’s pretty good!” And writing doesn’t cost money–until you get published and need to pay for promotion. But even then–books sales (hopefully) will cover promotion costs.

Crafts, on the other hand, are mostly a bank account drain.

I like to sew, and I’m fairly good at it, but I don’t do it much. Diva’s only 10, so anything I make for her she’ll outgrow within a year, and I hate to expend the money (and, more importantly, the time and effort) on something that will only be worn a handful of times. And while I like sewing for myself, I haven’t done it in a while because I can’t face taking my own measurements.

So in the meantime, I’ve got a new craft – shoe decoupage.

Yes–decoupage. On shoes.

It’s so cool.  You take a pair of beat up shoes–shoes that are still comfortable to wear but just too worn out or beat down to wear in public–and you cover them with fabric or paper.

(Or you go out and buy cheap shoes to do it with.)

I haven’t attempted to do fabric decoupage, only because I know that fabric glue, decoupage glue and other products that claim to work on fabric frequently don’t. So far I’ve only used paper on shoes, but I like the results.

I’ve done a pair of shoes for Christmas:


I love the way they look; at this point I just have to keep doing more layers of decoupage glue until the surface of the shoes are smooth-ie., you can’t feel the edges where the fabric edges overlap. What that means is layers and layers and layers of glue on the top – I’m using both Mod Podge and Royal Coat for decoupage glue right now, but I think Mod Podge is doing better. (Plus, Mod Podge gives me serious nostalgia vibes. If you’re my age–younger than Boomers, older than Gex X–then you probably have memories of decoupaged trash cans, jewelry boxes, bedroom doors, etc.)

If this were a jewelry box or piece of furniture , I’d be sanding the item after every 5 coats or so, but I don’t see doing that with shoes. If at some point the coating starts to look cloudy I might give it a shot.

I’m also working on a pair of shoes to match a couple of my sundresses (here in Houston, we can wear summer clothes off and on until December or January.) I found a black and white floral decoupage paper that matches my floral sundresses:

(My tablet takes crappy pictures but I was too lazy to go looking for the good digital camera.)

Once I’m done with these, I’m going to do a pair of sensible (i.e., not pretty) platform wedges that I plan to wear at RT next year – I going to decoupage them with photos of my book covers (including the two I’ve written with the rest of the Nine Naughty Novelists.)






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  1. Kristy

    They look amazing! I am not creatively gifted at all, but I appreciate looking at other’s creations/books.

    Thanks for sharing your latest burst of craftosity 🙂

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