Sep 24

Progress Report

[NOTE: I’ve edited this post – I decided it was too busy and hard to read with all the excerpts, so I saved them into snippets – just click on the links and the Word docs will open.]

[Also – I’m tinkering with the blog. It’s going to look funky until I get finished with the remodel.]

Yep, I’m writing. Back on Seth’s story, I swear. Here, I’ll prove it to you: Bayou Howl – Evie and Dad

And I’ve submitted the first two chapters of my steampunk WIP to Amazon for the Kindle serials program. The ever-awesome Ginny Glass is doing a cover for me. If it’s not accepted for the serials program then I’ll self-publish it.

Want a peek? This is the opening scene of Violet and VanadiumViolet and Venadium first scene

Lastly, I’m writing a time travel Regency serial over on the Nine Naughty Novelists blog. This isn’t like most time travel romances; instead of one character (usually the heroine) traveling backwards in time, it’s a whole bunch of people who got thrown back to 1805.

If I don’t chicken out, the story will involve Wellington Sex – i.e., sex with the Iron Duke.  If I do chicken out, I’ll just close the door when things get steamy.

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter of Yesterday and Today: Excerpt from Yesterday and Today

It’s going to be weird – I’m making the story up as I go along, and I kind of promised that I wouldn’t go back and change things once they’re already posted. And I won’t, at least not with the plot because that would necessitate a lot of rewriting. But I’ve already had to change some names and other minor details.

Go here for Chapter One in full, and follow the links to subsequent chapters.

So you see? I really am writing again.





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  1. Kim B

    You go girl! I can wait to read all of it. But I am REALLY excited about Seth’s story!!

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