Nov 23

Happy Thanksgiving

..to all my American buddies. We had a great one down the street at the sister in law’s house. I ate and drank waay too much and so did everyone else.

We had 8 of the Monsters there (the 9th was in Alabama being spoiled rotten by grandparents and aunts and uncles.) Our children were very entertaining this year.

Monster No. 8 kept climbing into the laundry basket, covering herself with towels, then demanding Hub pick her up and move ┬áher somewhere. You’d hear this muffled, imperious voice call “Take me to my mommy!” and when she was next to her mommy she’d call out “You have a delivery!”

Monster No. 7 refused to eat any meat, and tried to glue herself to Monster No 2 (my oldest nephew) for most of the day because she kind of adores him. Monster No. 3 stepped in fresh dog poop and blamed Monster No. 1 (i.e., Diva) for not cleaning the yard thoroughly the day before.

And Monster No. 8 came very, very close to touching the turkey fryer, which is always on a deck that the kids know they’re not allowed on. Hub got to her in time. Fried turkey was delicious, as always.

Today my goal is to not leave the house, at all, for any reason. And maybe to get Hub to take all the Christmas stuff out of the attic so Diva and I can decorate.

I’ve finally finished The Unfinisheable Scene in Seth’s book, the one that had me completely blocked and unable to continue, so that’s good.

And I’ve started a whole nother book, out of the blue, and it’s sort of pouring out of me. It’s a contemporary. Told in 1st person POV by the heroine. Who’s Irish. And lives in London. We’ll see….


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