Nov 28

A Further Note About Marriage and My Books

1. I’m very happily married. I didn’t mean to suggest that the Hub bores me. He occasionally annoys, irritates, needles me, or (more rarely) enrages me. But boredom would be worse.

2. I have a large, hot pink sticker on my laptop which proclaims “Easily Distracted by Bright Shiny Objects.” Right now, Michael and E–oops, I mean, Michael and his love, whoever that might be, and Nick and TJ, are bright and shiny. Seth, poor guy, is dimming in comparison because I already know what’s going to happen to him, I just haven’t, you know, gotten it out of my head and onto the page.

That’s what I meant about getting bored with a series. It’s not the series per se, it’s just that the book I’m working on always starts to lose its luster once I really have to start working on it, while the new book, with all its possibilities, is still new and shiny.

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  1. claire

    Sounds like writing a book is like a new relationship – before you begin, its exciting and the best thing ever. But a few months in, it takes work and effort – but worth it in the long run and with the capability to still surprise and delight! Merry christmas and new year to you and yours – and I will look forward to seth`s (and hopefully michael`s story) in 2013!

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