Apr 19

If you need to make QR stickers for RT, here’s how I did it….

Get Avery print-to-the-edge square labels no. 22816.

You can search for “22816,” download a blank template, and follow the instructions.

HOWEVER, I DIDN’T DO THIS because it requires allowing the Ask.com toolbar crap to access your hard drive and I think the Ask.com toolbar is a thing of Satan. I swear it screws with all 3 browsers I use.

Instead, just go to Word. These instructions will work in all versions (I’m pretty sure.)

Click on the Mailings tab, then on Labels.

When the Envelopes and Labels dialogue box opens, click the Labels tab and then click Options.

Choose Avery from the Vendor drop-down box, then scroll down to 22816.

Click OK.

Click New Document.

The 22816 label template will launch in a new document. Make sure you’re in Print or Web view so you can see the lines of the labels.

Go to a site for creating QR codes. There are lots of them – I’ve been using Kaywa, which will let you generate five different QR codes for free. (After that you have to subscribe.)

You can do separate QR codes for each book, or you can do one code that goes to your author page on ARe (or Amazon, or wherever.)

NOTE: If you don’t have an author page at ARe, contact Audry the Wonderful at audrey.sharpe@allromanceebooks.com. 

You need a static author page – searching for your books on ARe won’t yield a permanent link. Email Audrey with your author bio and she’ll set you up.

Also note: You have to use a ARe code for the e-book signing, but if you’re doing other promo cards or stickers or whatever, you can do codes for Amazon, Samhain, etc.

So you take the URL, you plug it into Kaywa or whatever generator you’re using, and you get a QR code.

You download it in whatever format you want – I do it in PDF.

NOTE: If you’ve signed up for an account on Kaywa (including a free one) it will save your QR codes. You don’t, technically, have to download them – but I do just to be safe. You could copy the image of the code straight from Kaywa and paste it into the labels.

So, once you’ve downloaded the code, or not, you copy and paste it into each label.

Boom, you’re done. Before you print 10 or 20 or however many copies, though, grab your phone and snap the code to make sure it works.

I designed a promo card at Vista Print and put Amazon and ARe codes on the back:


Back of promo card

The back

Front of promo card

The front

If anyone wants details/hints on how I designed the cards, leave a comment and I’ll do a separate post tomorrow. I did the layout in Word first. I’ve worked with Word for so long, I tend to either grossly overestimate or underestimate how familiar other people are with it.

Hope this was helpful, and I hope to meet lots of new people at RT this year!













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