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So far there are three books in my Werewolves in Love series. They don’t necessarily need to be read in order, but characters who first appeared in Kiss and Kin show up again in Ready to Run. In order of publication, the books are:

If you click the covers they’ll take you to Samhain Publishing’s website, where you can read excerpts and purchase the books. If you prefer Amazon or Barnes and Noble, click the logos on the front page of the blog to see all my titles at these sites.

I’ve self-published a prequel of sorts to Yours, Mine and Howls. I say “of sorts” because it’s not a story with a beginning, middle and end. The Nanny Years tells the story of Cade MacDougall’s nanny problems, which are alluded to in Yours, Mine and Howls. Ginny Glass did the cover and I love it – the expression of weary exasperation on the wolf’s face is perfect for the story. Click the cover to go to Amazon.



Kiss and Kin was also published as part of a shifter anthology, which is available in print from Samhain. Click the cover to read excerpts from my anthomates, Vivi Andrews and Robie Madison.







I’m a member of a group blog; we call ourselves the Nine Naughty Novelists and my eight co-bloggers are some of the funniest, sweetest, toughest and most talented writers I know. A while back we got this silly idea to write a parody of a romance novel–we were thinking of category romances, but then we decided to throw in a vampire, and then a werewolf, and the next thing you know we’d written The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy’s Secret Werewolf Babies, which has garnered sixteen very good reviews at Amazon and one very bad, and very confused, review. Click the cover to read an excerpt and decide if it’s worth $.99.



If You Give a Duke a Duchy Or, Love’s Savage Whiplash is our second book. I think it’s even funnier than Vampire, but the title isn’t as immediately identifiable as a parody. Wish someone would review it (hint, hint.)







Nine Nights in New Orleans

Hey look! The Nine Naughties have written something else – this time an anthology of stories set in the Big Easy. Nine Nights in New OrleansΒ is available on Kindle or in print! (Clicking on the cover image will take you to the Kindle edition because Amazon still hasn’t linked the two formats.)


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  1. Emma

    Hey I love your books but are you going to write more books?

  2. KinseyHolley

    Oh, ouch. But yes – definitely! I’m working on Seth’s book and on a steampunk.

  3. Bonita

    I love your werewolf series. When will Nicks and TJs story be told?

  4. Dawn

    Yes, when will Nick and TJ’s story be written/told

  5. Dawn

    I love the werewolves in love series. When will Nick and TJ’s story be out.

  6. Tania

    Yes I agree, would love to read Nicks and TJs story too.

  7. Suzanne

    Lol, Nick and TJ’s stroy is the one i’m impatiently waiting for, PLEASE PLEASE bring it out soon.

  8. Kinsey

    I promise, promise, promise, promise that I’m working on this. I PROMISE. I’m so glad that people love Nick and TJ so much but I am FREAKED OUT at the thought of writing a book that doesn’t disappoint everyone…

  9. Cristina N Ladas

    Please, please, tell the story of Nick and
    TJ soon! Been waiting for their story since Kiss and Kin…..:) But, I do appreciate the other stories, so thank you for them! Will wait faithfully for Nick and TJ’s story…

  10. Lynn

    I stumbled upon your books through Amazon.

    Really enjoying it. I too look forward to Nick’s and TJ’s story and I haven’t finished Shifting Dreams!

    I moved to the UK but spent some time in Houston when my husband worked there, I like the references to the Houston area.

    Thanks for a good read.

  11. GinaMarie

    I absolutely LOVE your Werewolves. If I had one wish, it’d be to have a “Mate” of my own! Since there’s NO chance of that EVER happening, I’ll have to live vicariously thru your characters! πŸ˜€ Thank you for writing these stories, we all love them!

  12. GinaMarie

    Oh!!! Please, Please give T.J. and Nick their chance! No matter what you decide, we’ll all love it. Thanks again!

  13. KinseyHolley

    Welcome Lynn and GinaMarie! Thank you so much…and GinaMarie, I will be doing TJ and Nick at the end of the year and into next year, I promise…

  14. Margarida

    i just discovered your books, i brought them on the Kobo website.

    I am desperate to read TJ & Nick’s story, please don’t make me wait a whole year,

    keep writing ( fast),
    cheers from Australia

  15. suzy

    I read all of your werewolf stories this past weekend after finding them on amazon. I have to say the best comedic scene and character I have read in forever is in Ready to Run in the bar with James he is hilarious I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I even had to share the scene with my husband the line starting with I like crazy the only gir in the bar who keyed her boyfriends car and held his dog hostage.. just got to love the little moments.
    Great books please write faster.

    1. suzy

      Also doing my part to share your books by posting this on my facebook and people are asking the name of your book.

  16. Jenny

    I’ve had your books on my wish list for a while and finally picked them up. I loved them. My fav so far is Yours, Mine & Howls. Ally and Cade are great. Loved Cade’s daughter she sounds so cute, wanting to be a kitten.
    I’ve now read all three of the Werewolves in love and can’t wait for your next one in the series.
    Thank you and please keep up the great work.

  17. KinseyHolley

    Suzy: Thanks!!! I love meeting new readers–and yeah, writing faster is something I really need to work on.

    Thanks for spreading the word! What’s your Facebook URL?

    And welcome, Jenny – I swear I’m writing the next one right now, and I’m plotting Nick and TJ’s book.

  18. KinseyHolley

    Hi Margarida! Thanks for the lovely compliment – there’s no way in hell I can get Nick and TJ out in under a year. Someone needs to invent a computer that can pull the story straight out of the writer’s head, so we could skip the whole pesky writing stage.

    What part of Australia do you live in?

  19. vanessa mohan

    Greetings from the isle of Trinidad.
    Thank you for writing such lovely and enjoyable books they are truly captivating and i absolutely love nick and TJ’s chracters,i simply cannot wait for their story.Keep up the good work.

    Vanessa M.

  20. KinseyHolley

    Greetings from the metropolis of Houston, Vanessa, and thank you for the sweet comment! I’ve started plotting Michael’s book, which will lead into Nick and TJ’s, and I’m actually writing again! Hopefully Nick and TJ’s will come out before my Diva graduates high school (she’s in 4th grade…)

  21. Jill Watkins

    I read your Cade story today and loved it. Hurry and come up with another! Thanks so much for giving me another favorite writer!
    Jill.Watkins (at)

  22. KinseyHolley

    Hi Jill! Welcome to my books, I’m so glad you liked them. And yes, I need to hurry up. I’m working on Seth’s book, I promise. I just need to speed up. Damn real life….

  23. Melanie

    I love your books. I purchased Yours, Mine and Howls this past Saturday. I loved it so much, I have read all your books (pretty much a book a day). Add me to the list of your many fans looking forward to Nick & TJ’s story.


  24. Cindy

    I purchased a Kindle this past Spring and discovered you through Amazon. I just purchased all three werewolf books and finished them in two days. I loved them!! I also can’t wait for Nick and TJ’s story but will in agony LOL. When is the next book in the series coming out? Thank you for wonderful entertainment. I just went back to school after 33 years to become a nurse. I just completed a year of Health Sciences and was accepted into nursing. I read to relieve stress (recommended by my doctor) and I’ll be looking forward to reading all your books.

  25. KinseyHolley


    THANK YOU and welcome to the world of Werewolves in Love!

    When’s the next book coming out? God knows. Like, seriously – God knows when it will get done, but I don’t.

    As for nursing school – color me extremely impressed. I finished my Master in Library Science back when I was in my early 30s. I’m done – no more school for me. Nursing more of a calling than just profession, isn’t it? Good luck.

    And seriously, thanks for taking the time to drop me a comment.

  26. Evilyn

    Having just relocated from the Houston Metropolis to another Metropolis (Chicagoland area) I found myself with time on my hands. Discovered your books and can’t wait for those that have not yet made it to print! I love the humor, darkness and unexpected twists your stories have offered. Keep up the good work!

  27. Ali

    I love your series and can’t wait for the next one! Please tell me when your next books coming out

  28. Kinsey

    Thank you! Now I love YOU!

    I’d love to tell you when the next one’s coming out – it’s something I’d really like to know myself. Unfortunately I have no idea. I AM writing it, though. I had a really bad slump where I couldn’t seem to get anything down on paper but I seem to be over it now and Seth’s book has gotten started again.

    Please don’t forget about me – I promise I’ll be back!

  29. Deb T

    Love your werewolves. I won’t ask when the next one is coming. I am patiently waiting.

    I have done some beta reading, but not anymore. I love to proof read. I have a hard time putting my thoughts in letter form, but give me spelling, punctuation and word usage…no problem…. lol

    I figure if I can’t read a book and put my thoughts into coherent written form, I have no right what so ever to expect anyone else, to do what they do best, quickly. Talent takes time.

    Thank you for your imagination and talent.

    Deb T

  30. BJ

    Loved yours mine and Howl. Cade and Ally fought hard and fell hard to get their happily ever after. Micheal should also get his story told. I know he loves being single but I’m with Ally he too deserves to mine a mate.

  31. Kelly

    I just read Kiss and Kin and I am a bit ambivalent about TJ and Nick’s story. After comments about Nick sleeping around and buying lingerie for all his women (aparently everyone knows) , he can’t understand why TJ doesn’t believe what a great guy he is? I love how Taran stopped sleeping around and gave up on trying to use other women as a replacement for Lark, I think it gave more credence to the “mate bond”.
    I look forward to reading some of your others books, Thanks.

  32. KinseyHolley

    Kelly: I love your comment – thank you. I love it when readers treat the characters as real people, and think about their motivations and actions and reactions (that’s the way I read, too.)

    Here’s the way I see it. For one thing, TJ isn’t Nick’s mate, so the mate bond doesn’t have the psychological hold on him like it does Taran. And just because a wolf isn’t mate bonded to a woman doesn’t mean he can’t be absolutely sick in love with her – Nick is. But it snuck up on him. She’s worked for him for 4 or 5 years and although he thought she was exceedingly fuckable the first time he saw her, it took a while for the love to grow–because it’s real love, now, and not just lust or a crush.

    Nick knows Tj isn’t thrilled with all his women. But he doesn’t realize she loves him – he just thinks she sees him as some shallow, model-banging millionaire, and she’s not impressed. He doesn’t know it breaks her heart. If he did, he’d go celibate in a second.

    At the beginning he was still sleeping around because TJ was just his cute, fuckable new assistant. But as he begins to fall in love with her, and she showa no indication of falling in love with him – she always had dates, shortlived boyfriends – he saw no reason to quit playing the playboy game.

    At this point they each seem to be doing their best to hurt or alienate the other, because they each believe the other doesn’t return their feelings, and they’re trying to save their honor, or self-esteem, by making themselves as obnoxious as possible to the other.

    It’s all very painful fun and games until one of them gets into serious trouble, and the other has to step up and take action, and risks, to save the person, with no assurance that it will end in a happily ever after. IOW, they have to work together because they love and respect and value each other and even if it means one ends up heartbroken, they’ll still do it – because they have a bond that started with mutual sexual attraction but has become something much deeper, long lasting, and dangerous.

    Does that make sense? And is it believable? Would you want to read it?

    1. char

      U got me hanging for the rest please finish soon. Love ur wolves, can’t wait for the next one. Could one of them be about Micheal he need a good kick in the pants (heart).

  33. Kelly

    Kinsey, wow, I feel so much better about reading their story now. I did assume the mate bond had to be part of their relationship due to the trouble she had in the past. (her boyfriend leaving her when he met his matebond) Not sure how she will be reassured history won’t repeat itself. I love that she is not sitting at home pining but out and about with her own sex life. (I hate it when an author makes the man a whore but the woman a virgin or celibate while waiting for him, blah)
    I love getting to know the characters and find it extremely frustrating when an author makes them do something that doesn’t make sense, just so the story can go a certain way.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain their motivations, I can’t wait till their book comes out.

  34. Sophie

    i love your explanation of TJ and Nick’s lives i cant wait to read their book any idea when it will be released? i cant wait!

  35. Kathy

    Kinsey, I really love your books, I have read every one at least twice. Your explenation of TJ and Nick’s relationship was great. I think you are a good author and a very busy person and appreciate you giving us these great books. However, I am getting frustrated waiting for your next book. It has been over two years since your last one and I am done. No disrespect intended and maybe one day you will bring out TJ and Nick’s story that you keep promising. Good Luck.

  36. KinseyHolley

    Kathy: Do not ever say “no disrespect intended.”

    You paid money for my books, and you liked them enough to take the time to drop me a comment: You can’t disrespect me. I’m producing something, you’re consuming it, and I’m grateful you liked it.

    I don’t blame you for being done. I’m pretty done with myself about this, only I can’t quit, because that’s not an option.

    You’ve helped me make a decision, though.

    Several years – and editors – ago, my editor (long gone) said – “Nick and TJ have to be the last book in the series. You build up to it. So you do everyone else’s book first.”

    At that point I had only published Kiss and Kin and I was SO excited that she wanted to buy Yours Mine and Howls that I said – “Okay! That sounds great!”

    And so I got this thing locked in my head: Seth’s book / ____’s book (it’s a secret) / Michael’s book / THEN Nick and TJ (and maybe a Dec novella in there somewhere.)

    And so I’m stalled on Seth’s book – even though I know it’s a good book. I’m just stalled. (Can’t explain it. It’s a stupid, emotional, writery kind of thing.)

    I have ideas for _____ and Michael’s books.

    Meanwhile, Nick and TJ are hanging out there, suffering, running around like everything is normal and dying inside every time they see each other, which is every day.

    So I was talking on Twitter the other day about the writer who wrote a very unfortunate blog post based on a fan email she got which asked, very innocently, “When is your next book coming out?”

    And the blog post she wrote (which she later deleted, and I feel sorry for her, because she’s older than me and I don’t think she’s completely comfortable with the internet) just reeked of entitlement and assumption.

    I was talking with it about some other writers, and they all said the same thing: Write the book you want to write next, not the one you’re “supposed” to.

    So the next book in the Werewolves in Love series will be Nick and TJ. Because I know what’s supposed to happen with them, and once it does it may be easier to write the rest.

    That’s not the book I’m working on now. I’m working on two books at the moment, both contemporaries, both just falling out of my head with very little effort.

    And I hope you like them.

    But I’m making a commitment. I will have Nick and TJ’s book finished in 2014, published in 2015. I know that sounds like a long time but in the publishing world, it’s the blink of an eye.

    You don’t have to hang around waiting for it. I expect you to go on about your life, reading other authors, loving other characters.

    I just hope that when Nick and TJ finally see pixel, you’ll want to read them.

  37. KinseyHolley

    Man, long comments look like shit, don’t they? I can’t figure out how to force paragraph breaks.

  38. AmberN

    Kinsey, please, please, please, make Nick and TJ mates. I don’t think TJ would truly love anyone other than her mate considering what happened to her in the past. And as you’ve mentioned in your book, if a werewolf finds a mate while he has a girlfriend, he’s screwed either ways, he’ll be miserable without her. TJ’ll be always looking over her shoulder, wondering when Nick’s mate would walk in so that he can leave her, even though I’m sure this isn’t his intention. PLEEEASE consider this, plus, it won’t feel right, can’t you just shift the story line around a bit so that it takes Nick a few years to realize who she is for him?
    And I love you btw :*

    1. KinseyHolley

      Amber: Well, no one in any of the books has ever said she’s not Nick’s mate. You do have to wonder why Nick hasn’t said anything about it…

  39. Salina

    Are you ever going to write Nick and Tj’s story?

    1. KinseyHolley

      Yes. Definitely.

  40. Kinsey

    Salina: I swear to God and to everyone who’s read my books that I AM working on Nick and TJ – I will have it completed in 2014 for publication in 2015. I’m still working the plot and to be honest I’m scared shitless – this is one I really can’t screw up.

    But to proof that I’m not lying about it – look! Actual lines from the ms:

    “My life would be so. much. easier. without you in it.”

    “That’s not my fucking problem.”

    “It’s gonna be your fucking problem if you don’t back the fuck off and let me fucking breathe you fucking douchebag.”

  41. Martine

    Love werewolves in love series. Will you be writing about Ally and Cade after book 2. Will one die many many years before the other as it was left so open


    1. KinseyHolley

      I think that just might happen (Ally and Cade showing up in later books – not one of them dying before the others).

      I think Becca should get a book.

  42. Liz

    I just read Ready to Run and I loved it. I can’t wait to read more of your books. Normally I don’t take the time to tell the authors how much I loved their books, but I really enjoyed yours. I can’t wait for more in this series and until you do have more I will have to satisfy my reading needs with your other works.

    Thanks for taking the time to make such wonderful books with very fun and realistic people.

    1. KinseyHolley

      Liz: And many, many, many smooches to you!

      I’m writing, guys. I promise.

  43. Sarah

    I concur that TJ and Nick need to be mates. It doesn’t flow otherwise.

    You could even make it that he is purposefully not claiming her.

  44. KinseyHolley

    Oh my God, Sarah.

    Oh. My. God.

  45. Mell

    Hey!! I LOVE YOUR WEREWOLF SERIES!! I just finished the Nanny Years! Great addition to the series!! I would LOVE to read more of your books set in this world!! When are you publishing more??

    I LOVE the world you created, the main characters & the side characters!! I keep checking Amazon for more from you!! Please let me know when I can get more from you!!



  46. Gloria

    Hi Kinsey,

    I am a fan of your work because I enjoy the realism and wit of your characters and the unpredictability of your stories. I also have a lot of respect for the creative process, so I just find it a little absurd when fans tell YOU what choices “need” to be made for YOUR characters. I think you’ve been exceedingly gracious in your responses. I just felt compelled to tell you that I have faith in your talent and skill and I believe you have the ability to find your way through or around any plot obstacle.
    It’s impossible to please everyone, but I don’t think you can go wrong by staying true to yourself and following your creative instincts. I’m looking forward to reading everything you write, ever. =)

    Best wishes!

  47. Carrie

    I’m with everyone else in I really enjoy you books and characters and am impatiently waiting for the next. I’m thankful that you keep your fans updated as I’ve had authors I absolutely love and they fall off the face of the earth, meaning they don’t keep even their readers in the loop with “it may be 5 years before another book is coming but I’m still working on it . . . Etc.” So thank you for at least keeping us in the loop!

    Looking forward to reading your stories in the future. πŸ™‚

    1. KinseyHolley

      Thank you Carrie! I promise, I’m writing!

  48. Angie T

    Just finished re-reading your warewolves in love series (again) πŸ™‚ looking forward to others especially TJ’s & Nick. I’m sure Michael & Seth’s will be great too. I was reading some of the other post & agree, you have to write what feels right to you & not “what someone tells you should be next”. Looking for any new books you publish. regards Angie

    1. KinseyHolley

      Aw – thank you! Hope y’all like my rock star and his fiddler girlfriend!

  49. Ry

    Hi Kinsey,
    Love the books … Just thought I would be the first one this year to poke this thread and see if it wobbles with any book updates πŸ˜€

    Looking forward to any news


    1. KinseyHolley

      Wobble wobble!

      I’m still working on the rock star book and it’s coming along nicely (I think. I hope. I’m almost at the point in writing a book where I start thinking the whole thing sucks and I should give up.)

      I think I’ve figured out how to get Seth out of his mama’s house (she’s dead and he doesn’t wanna be there in the first place) and now I have to figure out what to do with the villain in the funeral scene.

      1. Ry

        Woooooo πŸ˜€

  50. Juliane

    Hi Kinsey I’m from Brazil, and our sufficed her to read a book to know that he had found another favorite author, and most of my favorite authors are not Brazilians which makes a hell finally get the books just digress a little here. Looks like all I’m guessing Nick and TJ reader, I think all this waiting public put you into a nervous wreck but come on, I trust in your potential and your work, and good is the story of Nick and TJ they will tell you how they want the story follow the course, just listen them.
    Good Luck!

    1. KinseyHolley

      Thank you Juliane – I appreciate that.

      I think I’ve got the basic outline of Nick & TJ’s story.

      There will be a swamp.

  51. Jade

    Sorry to be bothering you, I just wanted to as you something.

    I know you are really busy, so I understand if you say no.

    I’m a BA Creative Writing Student at University and I was advised to start up my own book reviewing blog as a way to get my name out there and to start getting contacts within the writing industry.

    I decided it would be an amazing experience if my blog followers could not only get a review on the book, discuss their own favourite books and authors, but also if I had a interview pages were they could read interviews by their favourite authors, or new authors they are only just learning about.

    They could learn not only about well known books and undiscovered books, but also a little more information about the publishing industry.

    I know its a lot harder to get you work published, now more than ever, but I was lucky enough to be able to enrol into university and I have tutors teaching me all this. Some people don’t.

    My question is this, can I email you a short list of questions, to which you may choose to answer and then email them back to me?

    I know it’s a huge ask, but I know how amazing it is to have just a small piece of information about your favourite author and/or information about the publishing industry.

    The questions will be about your own publishing journey, how you went about it and just how hard you thought it was. there may also be one or two more self personal questions in there, just so the readers feel more connected to you.
    You get to choose what questions you want to answer, and which you do not.

    How does this sound to you?

    Thank you,

    Jade Lloyd.

    P.S I love your books and can’t wait to read more!!! Kiss and kin is my fav… I think… πŸ™‚

    I know it’s a big ask, but please think about it.

    1. KinseyHolley

      Jade: No problem! I’d be happy to answer your questions – and I think the book review site is a great idea. I’ll email you just in case you miss this.

  52. Lisa

    Wow .. Getting to the end of these comments was abit of an effort in saying that was very worthwhile πŸ™‚ love the books and I always just stop by your site to check out new release dates .. I normally wouldn’t write but just wanted to say after reading that mammoth 2 -3 year cry for nick and tj (which is also why I pop by) that either way whatever you have been writing will have been amazing and to do whatever you think feels right .. Well love whatever you do anyway .. You have such an amazing knack for making the characters jump off the page .. You can’t help but to feel like your watching a sneak peak into someone’s life .. Like a great movie no one knows is being filmed .. Thanks for all your hard work .. Much love from Australia πŸ™‚ xoxo

  53. Moy Perez

    Okay, I did like Taran and Lark’s story but what happens to the investigation. Good God, I finished reading the book wondering what happens to her fae friend Eloise. I would really appreciate some feedback regarding this. Do you plan to or are you able to finish this side of the story. It is sad to see when authors are unable to finish a series due to publishing issues and I hope that is not the case here.

  54. KinseyHolley

    Moy: I just updated the blog – I’m definitely finishing the series.

    And, as it turns out, El is a hell of a lot smarter and more resourceful than anyone would’ve thought so.

  55. Kama

    I am just re-reading your books for the third time and absolutely love them!
    I know the “creative process” takes time but any updates on the release of the next book in the series? And failing that do you have any recommendations regarding shifter or paranormal book series to read in the interim?


  56. Alexis

    Hello hello!

    I love your books, I don’t care what order they come in, how long it takes, or if they are even in the same series…although I admit to being anxious to get my hands on some more werewolves in love. I have retread all of the books numerous times, they are a fabulous escape during breaks from teaching. I can’t wait to see how you tie the stories together more, I feel like you’ve got some connections, very distant, between Colorado and Houston, but I hope there will be more. I am a little biased- I live in Colorado. Happy typing!


  57. Maria

    Hi Kinsey,

    I’m not going to repet that you’re one of my favorite author (if you wouldn’t be, I wouldn’t write these lines). Your style is funny and great and your characters full of wit and sure of themselves.

    I see the next book from Werewolves in love series is still going to take some time until it will be published… but what happened with the contemporary books you were writing? After all this time waiting for your next book, I’d take any new book from you.

  58. KinseyHolley


    Maria – the contemporary is rocking along – they’re currently on the road from LA to Austin. And also having sex in a Jeep in Austin because I’m writing it in two spots at once. It’s supposed to be finished by Aug 31 – I’m gonna have to really cram to make it because of the week in the hospital and then 2 weeks recovering and I still feel like crap.

    And Seth’s book is supposed to be done by the end of the year.

    Alexis – thank you! Where in Colorado do you live?

  59. Alexis

    Hello Kinsey,

    I live in Denver Colorado, but I have lived in Colorado Springs and I grew up in Yellowstone National Park — I got to be there when the wolves were reintroduced actually. Very cool.


  60. Gabriela

    I stumbled upon Ready to Run, and absolutly loved it! Im going for the Other 2, and really, Im waiting for Nick and TJ, and also a little miracle for Bryan and Sara on the baby department! !!

  61. KinseyHolley

    Thank you Gabriela!!

  62. Jessie

    I’m lpoving your books but I’m am extremely curious if you were going to write bout tj and nick from kiss and kin???? I’m dying to hear about them!

  63. Mel

    I love your books and have actually been reading your Werewolves in love series over and over lol. I can’t wait to read about TJ and Nick and would really like to see a book about Seth, Michael, and Dylan. Especially Michael just to see what his back ground is and where he comes from. Of course to see him fall head over paws in love with his mate and what kind of trouble he can get him self in lol. I hope your feeling better and hope to hear more about your books soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  64. Ange

    Where is book 4 in the Werewolves in Love series??? πŸ™ The wait is killing me!!!

  65. Kinsey

    No, sweetie, the wait isn’t killing you – if waiting for the next book in a series could kill you I wouldn’t write books for fear of murdering someone. Hell, I wouldn’t have lived long enough to write books of my own – I’ve been glomming on series since I was a teenager.

    Ange, Jessie, Mel – I swear – I SWEAR TO GOD, IN WHOM I BELIEVE AND HIS SON ALSO* – Nick and TJ are getting a book. I’m plotting and planning right now. They’ll probably get their book before poor Seth, who’s been stuck in his dead mom’s trailer for three years because that’s where he was when I got stuck.

    *Don’t tell my mom I said that. She thinks real Christian women don’t write sexy sexy sex.

  66. Martine

    Waiting for book 3 of warewolves in love. When will it be released


    1. KinseyHolley

      Martine: There is a third book out already – Ready the Run.

      I’m plotting out Nick and TJ’s book, and I’m writing Seth’s. Also writing a rock star book.

      Thank you for reading. And I swear I’ll have something out soon.

  67. Sonata Labasauskaite

    I wanted to ask WHEN there will be book about Nick and TJ? πŸ™

  68. Dawna

    I was trolling my Kindle and found the Werewolves in Love series. I recalled enjoying them and went shopping for more. It had been years since one was published and I thought something happened to you and that was why no more were written. I like your playful style. If you can please finish the stories I would buy them. You could then buy yourself other fun things like a big pitcher of margaritas!

  69. Heather

    Longtime fan and I’ve decided to re-read the “Werewolves in Love” series and I was wondering if you still had plans to write a few more books to cover Michael, Dylan, Seth Dec and maybe even Becca and Aaron. I was also hoping for a follow up about Ally and Cade and the unanswered questions at the end of “Yours, Mine and Howles.” Thank you for writing this series to begin with and I look forward to seeing more “WiL” stories in the near future!!

  70. MH

    Sorry to bug you but when will Nick and TJ’s story be out? I have been waiting to read it for the longest time. Anyway great job with all of your books I really like them.

  71. KinseyHolley

    MH: No comment can bug me (unless it’s of the “God your book sucks” variety.) I’m responding to you personally by email but I wanted to say here – a) I don’t know when Nick and TJ’s story will be out and b) I’m definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY, doing it.

    And thank you for liking the books enough to leave a comment. πŸ™‚

    1. Jeana

      Just wondering when we can expect a new book. It doesn’t have to be Nick and TJ’s story, as much as I would like it to be.

  72. Jan

    Still waiting and waiting, I’ll take the story on anyone as I would love to hear he rest of the story for them all.

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