• Kinsey W. Holley is a romance author from Houston, Texas who desperately needs a catchy tagline and can't come up with one. Won't you help?
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I live in Houston, TX with the Hub and the Tomboy Diva.   When I’m not writing, reading about writing, thinking about writing or talking to other people about writing, I enjoy hanging with friends and family (the two groups tend to overlap a lot), reading and wasting time on the Internet.

I have BA in English in addition to my Master’s in Library Science.  I read a lot of genre fiction — romance, science fiction, mysteries, urban fantasy.  Before you can scoff at  romance novels, you have to prove yourself better read than me.  There will be a test.

Kinsey and the Diva


18 Responses to “About”

  1. Thank you for taking over on the ROF wrangling. Good luck with your books.
    John Klawitter

  2. I loved your book. Funny, fast-paced and lots of sexy action. My one question….when’s Nick and TJ’s story coming? Please let it be soon.

  3. Loved your book…. just finished it…

  4. Hi,
    Here is a link to the review for Kiss and Kin, online at PNR Reviews:


    Take care,

  5. I just bought kiss and kin LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! and I’m only on page 29! Here I am on internet looking for other books youve written sigh and to find out this is your first!

    Anyway I already have Rocky Mountain Howl on my to be bought list for 2009.

    Honestly can’t wait for your next book going back now to finish Kiss and Kin till later Mary

  6. Hi,
    A review for Kiss and Kin, is now online at PNR Reviews:


    Take care,

  7. Wow I loved this book. I am trying to write a book right now and I love it that you put some (great) advice on your page. Hope TJ’s story comes out soon.

  8. thanks, ya’ll!

    Tabby – it’s funny that you mention that. I’ve decided I’m gonna do some blogging about being a new author, e-pubs, marketing, etc. Not sure what I’ll cover, but you’ve made me think that it’s something people would want to read.

  9. I loved your book, cant wait until your next one, hope it’s TJ and Nick’s

  10. India – Thank you, and LOL! I have a post up at Samhain’s blog today about this horrible case of sophomore nerves I’m suffering from, and one of the reasons is that the book I’m working on, and almost finished with, isn’t Nick and TJ’s story! It’s set in the same world, and I started on it long before I wrote Kiss and Kin. And now I want to drop it and start Nick and TJ, but I can’t do that because I”m so close to finished! I am working on Nick and TJ though – starting to think about the plot…

  11. hi
    loved kiss and kin and much like everybody else eargerley await tj and nicks story. i must say i read alot and was surprised this was your first book, i pretty sure you can give the best of them a run for there money. great writing can’t wait for me.

  12. Loved your book! Tag line suggestion: The Kinsey Report: Sexual Behavior in Modern Fiction

  13. Loved it!!! Can’t wait for TJ’s story.

  14. I just finished Kiss and Kin and it was really great. I’m really looking forward to TJ and Nick’s story, but I’m sure whatever you’re working on will be great. :) I also have a BA in English (TWU) and MLIS(UNT) so I had to smile when I found out you have the same.

  15. LOVED your book! I got it on Kindle a few days ago and could not stop reading. I can’t wait until you release another one!!

  16. Hi,

    I really did love your book Kiss and Kin: A Sexy Shifter Story but I hated the ending! Is there more? Did Taran catch Kuba?

    I love paranormal romance but when there is more to a plot like with this one it needs to be finished.

    Will it be finished in another book? sheez.. I am so frustrated right now!

  17. Loved Kiss and Kin!! Any word on when Rocky Mountain Howl will be published? or when the TJ and Nick story will be written.

  18. Enjoyed Kiss and Kin! Can’t wait for you to make this into a series…Looking forward to Nick and TJ and to find out if Taran caught Kuba.

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