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The Smart Bitches Like It!

Sarah reviewed Kiss and Kin.  She gave it a C- which, at first, scared the heck out of me and made me really, really not want to read the review (even tho I swore, when I submitted it, that I could handle whatever she dished out), but then – hey, it’ s actually a positive [...]

Musings of a First Time Author on Her Release Day (If You Read to the End, You Might Win Something)

For anyone who’s interested, here is What I’ve Learned Thus Far:
1.    Proofity Proofity Proof Proof Proof
No matter how many times you think you’ve proofed your ms, proof that sucker again.  There may be eight eyeballs looking at it before it goes to press (or pixel, in my case), but that doesn’t mean all four people [...]

It’s here! It’s here!

Actually, it’s over there:

Click on the cover to go to Samhain where you can BUY MY BOOK.
That’s such a cool thing to type….
And while you’re there, you can buy Robie’s and Vivi’s books as well:

Kiss and Kin drops on Tuesday!

I’m getting more excited – and scared – as the day approaches.  Here’s the link for the book for now – I think it will work for purchase when Tuesday (finally!) gets here:
Also dropping on Tuesday, from my antho-mates:
Serengeti Heat, by Vivi Andrews:
The Man of Her Dreams, by Robie Madison:

Right now, all three [...]

Broken tootsies

Yep, I hate myself.  Went to the pediatrician, got TD’s foot x-rayed, pediatrician sent us down the Katy Freeway to the orthopedist, who confirmed hairline fractures across three toes (nothing wrong with the ankle at all).  The orthopedist was surprised at how articulate she is (he wouldn’t be if he saw how much she talks; [...]

Diva to the doctor

Her foot is still swollen, and even the Daddy decided maybe it would be best to see the doctor, just to be sure.  So we’re home today and will go see Dr. Thaller this afternoon.  I took advantage of the unplanned – unwanted – day off to grab a morning nap but couldn’t sleep because [...]

When movies ruin music

So I’m listening to AC/DC and I can’t get Jack Black out of my head.  I actually liked School of Rock. Black can be annoying, but he can be funny as well. Only thing is, I can’t listen to It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll) anymore [...]

When romance goes bad

The Hub and I do too much married kissing, but I’ve never been this angry about it.
It’s probably the most heartbreaking  test of a marriage: one spouse wants children, the other doesn’t.  But this is not the way to handle it.
This woman seems to have the sense of humor required to stay married.  My favorite [...]

Romance vs. Erotic Romance

There’s a good discussion going on over at Christa’s place about the differences between hot/spicy/explicit-but-nevertheless-traditional romance and erotic romance, started by a topic over at Romance Divas.   Is erotic romance just porn for women who don’t think they read porn?  I don’t think so, but I understand why others do.  I don’t think there are [...]